Why Do We Need Donations?

We are not for profit!

We play the same games and use the same programs that we host and understand that hosting can be expensive for very little return. We believe this new model is a way forward to affordable hosting services based on community rather than size.

What are the funds used for?

The funds donated go towards hosting costs such as hardware replacements and upgrades, ISP, webhosting, electrical and other costs that keep our services online.

Or maybe a Bigmac, I mean I like burgers too.

How do I know the money will be used for upkeep costs?

All of our updates and upgrades can be found on our updates page! If I buy a burger with the money I will send you a picture of the burger and tell you how good it was.

How much is upkeep?

After electrical, Internet, Offsite Backups, Offsite Status Monitors and Domain fees it costs us roughly $104/month to operate this service.

(This cost includes the monthly cost of yearly fees and does not include hardware costs)